Sunday, April 12, 2015

March Madness Book Edition 2015: Championship and Champion Announcement!

My class loved Fish in a Tree and One for the Murphys, by Lynda Mullaly Hunt, as read alouds this year so it was no surprise that both titles were voted into our championship round! 

We are huge fans of Lynda Mullaly Hunt and for the past 2 years, One for the Murphys has been in our championship round and won! So I couldn't wait to see how students would vote between two of their favorite read alouds from this year because it was going to be a tough decision.  

 And the champion title is…

 drum roll please…

This is the third class that has voted One for the Murphys to be the champion so if you have not had the honor of reading this book, I highly and strongly suggest that you pick it up to read soon!

Thank you Lynda Mullaly Hunt for bring Carley and Ally into our lives! :)


  1. It is a wonderful book. If I could have voted, it would be my choice, too! Congrats to your March Madness class!

  2. Awesome idea! How long did this take to complete? Our kids voted for their favorites in several categories and are participating in our first multi-school book award ceremony (book Oscars, if you will) at the end of April. So exciting!