Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Slice of Life: Dreaming About Family Write Night

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I'm tired today as I write this post. Last night I had dreams that woke me up and caused me to laugh at myself this morning. Here are some of the sleeping visions of a Writing Coordinator planning a Family Write Night to be held later this week.
  • I'd decided to cancel it because of expected low attendance, but at the last minute, someone called me to say there were people. I rushed to the school still in my pajamas, and I tried to convince everyone that this was really my outfit of the day. I also tried to convince myself that no one would remember my pajama bottoms with cows jumping over moons. 
  • Everyone was hungry, and I agreed to have the event in a restaurant. Every time I tried to talk, a waitperson came and took orders or asked questions. I literally couldn't complete a sentence.
  • I had a read aloud planned, but as I read it, I realized I was reading from the wrong book. However, I couldn't stop and admit my mistake. I just kept plowing through a boring, irrelevant text. 
  • There were tons of people there--many more than I had planned for and I didn't have supplies, treats, or space for most of them. 
Today, I made charts for my Write Night, and I made a shopping list that I will check a few more times before I head to Staples on Wednesday night. My biggest worry should be that no one shows up, as I've had very few responses. However, if they do, I'll be ready with an appropriate outfit (not pajamas), plenty of snacks (not at a restaurant), a great read-aloud (I can't wait to read Ralph Tells a Story), and enough writing supplies. Sometimes, our resting minds can inspire us to over-prepare! Let's just hope that real life goes better than in my dreams!

Happy Writing,


  1. Dreams are funny things. I like yours. It shows you are a planner who cares—even when you sleep! I hope all goes well and you get a nice turnout.

  2. I'm impressed you could remember all the trials of your dreams. I rarely remember anything beyond a vague feeling of panic. You will have a great family night! Just get a good night's sleep on Wednesday! :-)

  3. Oh my, the dreams are hilarious, but I think they may not be so funny to you, Melanie. I bet it'll all go beautifully. I used to have my classroom parents write, too, and while some tried hard to excuse themselves, they all did, and reading their writing later to their children was wonderful. Best of wishes!

  4. Do you still dream that you can't remember the combination on your locker? Dreams are our brain's crazy way of working out the kinks. Good lick with Writing Night.

  5. Love that you shared a funny slice -- we need more funny!!! I have no doubt it will be a engaging night for families. I think you should make it a PJ night!! Have fun

    1. I started a few serious ones, and I just couldn't gain traction with them. I just didn't have it in me to think of more wise things to say in a crazy world. Maybe next week!

  6. I was sure my first Family Writing Night would be a disaster, but we had over 60 people turn out on a night with below zero temps! I'm sure your night will be fabulous! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  7. I had an ESL potluck a few years ago we had a poor turn out with tons of food, information, and activities. I hope your event goes better than mine did. My school is trying to beef up our writing curriculum. I think a Family writing night would be beneficial to all students but especially our ESL families. I am interested to hear how the night goes!

  8. crazy! but it is awesome that many people showed up!

  9. Oh the things we dream! Thank you for sharing such a fun post. Keep us informed on how the writing night turns out. I would love to hear how it goes. You've inspired me to think about hosting one!

  10. Thank you for the laughs! Strange how dreams can be so real even though they are so unreal. Perhaps our survival of the dream episodes helps us prepare for the real thing.