Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Slice of Life: Noticing and Celebrating the Good

Every Tuesday, the writing community of Two Writing Teachers hosts Slice of Life. All are welcome to participate by linking up posts or commenting on other participants. 

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been percolating a post about children's perceptions of writing workshop practices. That post is in draft form; hopefully this one will be complete soon! I get to go into lots of classrooms in my role as the district's writing coordinator, and yesterday, I visited a 4th grade classroom to talk to them about how and why their entire class's writing data was so good. 

I knew the teacher would get some praise from the students. I even warned her that she might be embarrassed. As it turned out, yes, she might have been a little self-conscious about the compliments that came her way--her students talked about her high expectations, her push for their best, her humor, and her ability to motivate them--but she was also touched and honored. As is the case with many star teachers, she thanked me for honoring her students, but she did not acknowledge the honor I'd given to her. I may just point it out to her again the next time I see her!

Sometimes I don't take enough time to notice the good, and even when I do, I don't take enough time to celebrate that good. Her appreciation for the acknowledgement inspired me to write this post, and maybe it will inspire someone else to walk into a thriving classroom, notice it, and celebrate it. 

Happy Slicing,


  1. Notice the good and celebrate it...such great advice. I know I point out the good with my students and daughter, but do I celebrate it? Hmmm well I will start today! Thanks for this!

  2. So important... for kids, teachers, all of us really!! Miss you!!! Hope all is well.

  3. What you do is so important. And remembering to see the good as well as nudge the growth helps everyone, doesn't it?

  4. Probably the single most important teaching advice -- telling students (and teachers) when they get it right. Sometimes they don't realize just how good their good is -- the feedback helps them find that sweet spot again.