Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Slices of Life- Moments to Remember

Every Tuesday, the writing community of Two Writing Teachers hosts Slice of Life. All are welcome to participate by linking up posts or commenting on other participants. 

There are moments that you want to hold on to, remember always. 

Maybe we have the Patriots to thank (or maybe the officials to thank) for the celebratory feel in our household on Sunday night. My husband did a spontaneous happy dance at the end of the game which one of the girls captured on her cell phone so were able to relive his joy over and over.

Moments to hold on to, particularly if you're not a Steelers fan. 

As we cleaned up, Clare and Julia headed to the piano. For years, I insisted that the girls take piano lessons until it was too hard a battle and I gave in to athletic practices and too many AP classes with too much homework, but with time on her hands, Julia returned to the keyboard and played holiday music. Clare took over since she has piano skills to accompany singers, and it led to all of us in the study singing and listening to song after song. Sweet Caroline, Let It Be, Little Wonders, Amazing Grace, You're Beautiful... My mom came in and joined us, and even the dog snuggled against me and listened to the music. 

Moments to hold, moments to hold close, moments to remember always.

Happy writing and slicing,


  1. College girls home - the piano playing and singing sounds heart-filling. May you have many more heart-filling moments with your girls this holiday season. Moments to hold and remember.

  2. These are the memories to add to the stockpile you already have. Sounds like a wonderful evening.

  3. Looking forward to having my college boy home today too! I love how music has the power to bind us all together. I'm hoping for some spontaneous concerts too!

  4. The image of your husband's happy dance is contradictory to the the angry stomping that went on in my house at the end of that game!
    Also clear, is the image and sound of music and joy that filled your home later that evening. Your writing put a smile on my face! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Delighted you have everyone home under one roof. That must feel divine!

  6. Wonderful images. Wonderful memories.

  7. Enjoy having your girls home and filling it with memories and music. These days are so fleeting.

  8. Enjoy these memory making days! I will only see one of my two sons over the holidays, yet have many memories to draw on. I loved the images you created for us.

  9. Elegantly captured memories! And so inclusive . . . "My mom came in and joined us, and even the dog snuggled against me and listened to the music."