Saturday, March 25, 2017

Slice 25 of 31-#sol17: Paper bags and purposeful play

This is the 10th year that Two Writing Teachers has hosted the Slice of Life Challenge. Moving into the 20's of the 31 day writing challenge!


"You're giving him that bag?" Cecily asked.
"Sure," I said. "What's he going to do with it?"

For the next twenty minutes, a paper bag was all our six month-old puppy needed for complete entertainment. By the time he was done, the bag was shredded, and he was happy to take a nap. 
As I thought about my morning post, and what I had to say about the fun Okie had chewing up the bag, I remembered the wise messages from Alison Porcelli in a workshop I'd attended on Purposeful Play. Some of the messages in that workshop had to do with the importance of constructivist play, although I'd have to say that Okie is more of a destructivist. Children need materials to work with and invent things. Sometimes the best toys for developing creativity, innovation, and resourcefulness are boxes and paper bags. 

Okie has plenty of bones and puppy toys, but isn't it amazing how much he loves a paper bag? And isn't it amazing what kids will build and invent with an assortment of materials and not a lot of direction?

Happy Slicing,


  1. Sometimes the simple things are best. Beautiful puppy!

  2. Great reminder of the materials and time we need to provide to our students to keep creativity alive! And love how you tied this need to your puppy.

  3. Agreed. I remember when I spent so much time picking out a toy for my nephew but all he cared about was the box. Good to remember now, for me as an adult. All I need is some sunshine and the green light to remove the covers from my porch furniture...

  4. Dominoes and basic building toys are always a hit in my classroom. I love to watch kiddos use their imaginations.

  5. So true.. often less is really more. Love the picture of him totally DONE. Priceless.

  6. Sometimes the simplest things are the most entertaining. I love that your puppy's name is Okie!

  7. Did I know your dog's name was Okie? Reminds me of your sweet story. My dog loves to play with empty toilet paper rolls. I like how your dog's play led you to thinking about purposeful play.