Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Slice 29 of 31-#sol17: When equity and inquiry meet

This is the 10th year that Two Writing Teachers has hosted the Slice of Life Challenge. Day 29 of this 31 day writing challenge!


The importance of equity has been emphasized in recent conferences I've attended, as well as within my MFA writing program. More and more, this concept surfaces and inspires attention, reflection, and action.

Another theme that keeps coming up in my professional learning is the importance of curiosity, questioning, and skills that align with growth mindsets. How does student inquiry exist in classrooms?

Within the spirit of these two related concepts, I am studying some images that were shared in one of the presentations I attended today. If you want to see more like them, these images were created within a powerful article from Cultural Organizing. 

As participants in this challenge, we are writing and probably learning a lot about the metacognitive processes of writing. Today, I am pushing myself to do the same with asking questions. What does it feel like to ask questions in response to these images? Here goes:
  • How do the people in these images feel?
  • Who created these images and what inspired him? (I know it's a him.)
  • What is happening in the justice picture?
  • How is equity different from equality?
  • How is equity more important than equality?
  • Is equality ever more important than equity?
  • Who would disagree?
  • What is the relationship between justice, equity, and equality?
  • What are the differences/similarities between these three concepts?
  • What can I do to create more equity in my immediate world?
I'd love you to keep asking questions about these pictures--feel free to add on in the comments!

Maybe tomorrow I'll reflect on and write about what it feels like to ask questions. I've found it harder than I'd think, and I feel sort of vulnerable. 

Could it be that's why students ask fewer questions as they move through the grades? 

Happy Slicing,


  1. Melanie,
    I was wondering about how
    and equality were similar and different but you have that as a question. This one might get some of my "drive time" thinking today . . . "Is equality ever more important than equity?"

    Love your questions and, yes, the questions that are open-ended do leave you more vulnerable! Scary!

  2. I especially love that last question Melanie.

  3. This is brilliant! "I've found it harder than I'd think, and I feel sort of vulnerable. Could it be that's why students ask fewer questions as they move through the grades? " I have never connected asking questions with vulnerability - but I think you are right. Questioning is something we are always focused on with teachers and students --maybe we are going about it all wrong. You must explore this idea more --- I know I will. Thank you for pushing my thinking today. My questions: What is happening with justice? Is justice negative? Does justice mean a group has the right to take away from another group?
    I have always thought about "fair not being equal" but the interplay of justice is new for me.