Monday, February 25, 2013

It's Monday! What are You Reading?

Thank you Jen and Kellee for hosting this weekly!  To see what others are reading and recommending, or to participate, be sure to check out their blog Teach Mentor Texts :)

Last week, I wrote about how one of my students recommended the Theodore Boone series by John Grisham and I was hooked after reading the first book, Kid Lawyer!  This past week, I read the next two books in the series: The Abuction and The Accused.  I could not put either book down and can't wait for book 4, The Activist, to come out in May!  

Before February Break, one of my students recommended The Million Dollar Throw by Mike Lupica to me so I added it to my TBR stack for the break this past week.  I honestly am not a fan of sports, other than watching the Yankees of course, so this was definitely going out of my comfort zone to read a football based book.  To my surprise, I loved the book!  It is a heartwarming and inspirational story about a 13 year old boy, Nate Brodie, who is nicknamed "Brady" after his favorite quarterback.  Nate is a quarterback on his football team and saves up to buy an autographed football signed by Brady.  That autographed football leads him to the opportunity to try to win a million dollars in a throwing contest.  The money is intriguing since his family is going through a difficult financial time and his best friend, Abby, is going blind and needs costly treatments.  Both Abby and Nate are inspiring characters throughout the text and remind the reader that anything is possible when you put your mind to it and work hard to make your dreams come true.  Thank you Steven and Shane for recommending Million Dollar Throw to me! 

Happy Reading! :)


  1. My students would love Million Dollar Throw - thanks for the recommendation!

  2. This reminds me that I need to read some of the Mike Lupica books in my classroom. I try to recommend them to boys especially but it is hard when I haven't read them. Not being a fan of sports makes it hard to pick them up, but I will definitely do so after your review of Million Dollar Throw.

  3. I just borrowed the first Grisham after your recommendation. Now to read the other three books in front of it! I love your recommendations.

    First in Maine

  4. So funny-I picked up a book by Mike Lupica last fall & loved it, have been recommending him for a while now. I 'sometimes' like sports books, but usually those for adults. Thank goodness I discovered them! Thanks for the new title!