Saturday, March 1, 2014

Let the Challenge Begin--Welcome March 1st!

On Tuesdays, the incredible thinkers and writers at host the Slice of Life, and many bloggers join and link up, sharing a piece of writing. The weekly events turns into a daily event/challenge for the month of March. Feel free to join the community as a writer or as a commenter!

Today is March 1st, which means, among other things, that it is the start of my second Slice of Life Challenge. This means that I will write every day. Every single day. And share what I have written with anyone who cares to read it on my blog, but especially with the rest of the writers who are in this SOLC with me. Some days,  I will write about teaching, I am sure, because writers write about what they know. On those days, I will post on I share this blog with my friend, Melanie Swider, and it is for educators. Therefore, last year, I started my own blog for my other-subject writing. Sometimes, I will post there at

I'm excited.

I'm nervous.

I'm overwhelmed at the prospect.

Writing takes 
Time, energy, honesty.
Thinking, Remembering, Reflecting.

Every day.

Every. Single. Day.

But doesn't life?

March is full of SO much this year. College responses will roll in (this matters A LOT to my oldest daughter!!!), the SBAC will roll out (this matters to me, mostly, although my youngest daughter is in sixth-grade and is ridiculously nervous. I'm sure I will post about this!). The post-season basketball tournament begins next weekend for my high school sophomore and will consume her and my husband, as her team will compete to keep playing. Tennis season will begin, and by the end of the month, maybe my back yard will be muddy grass instead of a snow prairie. Are the crocuses stirring at all now. Please let them be poking through by the end of the SOLC!

So why am I doing this SOLC? Because I believe in writing. Writers write. I learn from my writing--I learn about how to teach better and I learn about how to write better, but I also learn how to think better, learn about myself better, remember key events better, and focus on what really matters better. 

It's not too late to join, if anyone is still just contemplating. The slicers are one of the most inclusive, encouraging, enthusiastic, and empathetic group I have ever met.

Hooray for March!


  1. I write for the same reasons....because life and writing take time and energy....every single day! In some ways, I look at this as taking a journey with a whole bunch of friends!

  2. Yes, yes, yes! I write for all these reasons...and one of the best things I've done is to join the SOLC. We are encouraging and supportive and we learn so much from each other. In spite of the busy-ness March brings (I can so relate), I know I will be even more inspired.

  3. Yes, indeed, hurrah for March! So happy to see you here, Melanie. I just followed you on your other blog, too! Love this: "maybe my back yard will be muddy grass instead of a snow prairie"-hoping, hoping! It's snowing lightly & earlier freezing rain, but it's also Saturday, so I'm happy to have that kind of day today! Writing all these months has changed me, so I agree with you, blogging with the SOLC community is a huge highlight in my life. I'm looking forward to your words!

    1. I agree! I loved the snow prairie image and though I know you'd like to be rid of it, I'd like to visit and play on it. Like Linda and so many slicers, writing changes me. It informs my teaching and connects me to smart people, like you. Hooray for March! Happy slicing.

  4. I love that "thinking spot" in the center of your post, Melanie. I'm nervous, too - but it's always worth it to add the challenge to my list of tasks - so worthwhile. PS. Fingers crossed for those applications and good news!

  5. Doesn't life? I love that intermittent poem in the middle of your reflection slice. Enjoy your writing this month writing about all that you know and love!

  6. Your last line needs to be shared with everyone who is thinking about slicing, but who is afraid to jump in -"The slicers are one of the most inclusive, encouraging, enthusiastic, and empathetic group I have ever met." This is so true and I am so grateful!

  7. Looking forward to writing and learning with you again this year, Melanie! See you on the 22nd?

  8. Hi Melanie! I felt your post as I read through the reasons we sometimes skimp on adding writing to our daily schedules -- it takes Time, Energy, Honesty. And Thinking, Remembering, Reflecting. Absolutely! I think we'll all feel much more grounded come March 31st because we have spent all this rich time doing these things. And, yes, I'd also love to see a few crocuses sprout to usher in spring! :) Happy March! Happy slicing!