Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Loved This Note!

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One of the hardest aspects of being an instructional coach or a curriculum coordinator is the distance that exists between us and the students. This is my second year as our district's writing and social studies coordinator, and I have worked harder this year at maintaining connections with students. Fortunately, my office is within one of the schools, and I now have several friends who visit me on a regular basis.

One of my favorite visitors is Sanique, who come once a week to borrow books. I have several shelves of mentor texts that we have collected over the years, and I have supplemented Sanique's options with my daughters' collections that have been gathering dust in the shelves at home. She is an extremely conscientious borrower, leaving clues of her visits if I'm not there in the form of returned books on my table and messages about what she is checking out next or when she will back.

Yesterday, she left me my favorite note, yet:

My officemate thought that she had written that the books had bored her, but I knew exactly what she meant.

Her note made my day.

Isn't it the little things?

Be well,


  1. Love this! Love your description of her "She is an extremely conscientious borrower, leaving clues of her visits if I'm not there..." She works like a writer, with these written clues!

  2. It's always the little things that let you peek into their hearts - it makes your day every time!

  3. "Love, Sanique" makes it all worthwhile, Melanie. I've had the joy of working this past month in a class consistently, so I know what you mean. I miss that contact most of the time. Wonderful that you've made these contacts!

  4. It's awesome that you're still keeping those connections with students. What a precious note - so glad Sanique has you to understand her. :-)

  5. What a special friend you have! Sharing books is such a joy.

  6. Only a teacher can understand how special a note like that is!

  7. I love how she can just go to your room and borrow books! Cute note!