Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Community Inspires Writers

Tuesdays are Slice of Life day hosted by the writing community at Two Writing Teachers. Everyone is welcome to join in!

Today has been one of those days when it's hard to get going on my Slice of Life.  Not because I don't have anything to write about--I could write about my coffee on the sunny deck or our encounter with a crabby diving mask salesman or swimming with sea turtles or being stalked by barracuda or deciding to walk to the restaurant three blocks down for late in the day key lime pie. The trouble with writing today is that it takes time. 

I have to thank Larkin because she gave me the push I needed.  Larkin is at college, so we are having our first vacation without her. (Please notice that I did not write family vacation!) When we came off of the boat, I had a text waiting for me. 

Let's just take a moment and think about how happy it makes me that my daughter who is a college freshman has joined this writing community, and not only has joined, but reminds me of my commitment to it as well. When I responded that I needed ideas as well, she wanted to know about our day. 

She immediately texted me back that I had an amazing post. I just had to write it. 

I have tried to explain to Larkin that I work hard to keep a balance of education and life moments in my slices, so once again, I was trying to figure out how to make my foray into snorkeling with some cute and some scary ocean denizens fit into the mission of my blog which is educational, when I realized that the link is all about the writing community. This morning's call for quests asking if we are yearlong bloggers and Larkin's assumption that even on vacation I would be blogging inspire me and remind me of my commitment to write. Communities inspire writers.

Thank you to Larkin and to the rest of the community.

Happy Writing!


  1. Larkin's dedication to slicing is a testament to you, Melanie. Can't wait to hear more about swimming with those turtles!

  2. Just hearing all this is inspiring to me, Melanie. Being stalked by a barracuda! Text from college daughter asking for a topic! Vacation on the beach! Lovely slice!

  3. I guess if I had read your slice on Tuesday I would know that you are on vacation in wonderland. Hope you are staying away from dangers in the deep and that this incessant rain hasn't reached you.