Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Slice of Life: Some things are meant to be.

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Most of my writing on this blog directly pertains to my work in classrooms. Today, I am sharing a story that I will be using as a mentor text in some of our fourth and fifth-grade classrooms. 

Some Things Are Meant to Be. 

Some things are meant to be.

Eight weeks ago and one day, my daughters and I sat in the kitchen. It was Clare's birthday, and my mother who lives with us had gone out while my husband had a late meeting. Perhaps things would have turned out differently if one of them had decided to be home for dinner that night.

In any case, our 15 year-old springer walked through the kitchen pooping. (She does that.)

"I am so sick of cleaning up geriatric dog poop," I said. "I'd really prefer puppy poop."

"I really wanted a puppy for my birthday," Clare said.

"Call Eunice," I said.

Eunice is the breeder who we planned to call when we were were ready for a puppy. With three old dogs in the house, it did not seem like we were ready.

Sometimes you're not.

Clare called Eunice. Eunice couldn't believe the timing. She had puppies that were two days old.

"A black boy?" I asked.

Clare held up three fingers.

"We'll take one!"

Some things are meant to be.

The phone call was a little tricky to explain to my mother and my husband, but eight weeks is a long time to get used to something. We had moments of worry. We tried to picture the old dogs welcoming a sharp-toothed puppy. We worked hard to convince ourselves and each other that everyone would be okay. We could handle this.

After many family debates, we decided to name our puppy Okie. When we were growing up, my father used to dress up in crazy outfits and knock on our front door when we had friends over. He called himself Okie from Pichokie and he showed up most when the moon was full. What I wouldn't give to have Old Okie show up at my door. We all miss both that character and his creator.

Last night we picked up Okie, and we drove our new puppy home under a harvest moon, the biggest, brightest moon there will be for years. 

Some things are definitely meant to be.

Happy writing,

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  1. Yup, some things are meant to be. Loved this story of how Okie came to be in the Meehan family.

  2. Oh - I loved this story... so many layers of meaning. I could hear and see your dad vividly. So many memories to come with Okie - can't wait to read all about him. See you at NCTE!

  3. I'm catching up on my reading after NCTE. This story means so much more to me since I saw you face to beautiful face and the pictures of Okie on your phone. Meant to be!