Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Slice of Life- I love the message within this video!

Every Tuesday, the writing community of Two Writing Teachers hosts Slice of Life. All are welcome to participate by linking up posts or commenting on other participants. 

A couple of years ago, some presenters who I admire very much (Clare and Tammy, I'm looking at you!) shared how they like to begin professional development with a video. Since then, I have tried to do that whenever it works. 

Next week, I'll be presenting to the people in our district who are hired to work closely with individual students. I worked with this group last year, as well, and I sent a strong message to them to work hard to move away from their students. Try to determine where along the learning progression students can function INDEPENDENTLY, and work to modify their tasks so that the tasks are along the continuum, but just a touch ahead of where the student can work without an adult every step of the way. 

Today, I came across this video, and I can't wait to share it. 

It's only two minutes long, and you can skip through it and still get the gist. I can't wait to facilitate the discussion! I'm thinking about the following questions:
  • What would happen if he missed any of the steps along the way?
  • How is he feeling at each step, at each stage?
  • How would an adult feel if he first started with the hill and they had to spot him?
  • How does this relate to our writers?
Sometimes we come across exactly what we need, and I think I found it. I'm hoping that I'm right!

Happy Slicing!


  1. Melanie, Thank you for sharing this video! It is so cute and yes, it fits your questions so well. Can't wait to read how the session went! Please keep us in the loop. And again thanks for sharing the video.

  2. Sometimes we forget the baby steps needed to achieve our goal. What a great video!