Bulletin Boards and Charts

Reading Bulletin Board Examples: 

Reader's Notebook Examples to Use as Mentors 

Note-Taking Examples from Students during Nonfiction Unit 

Read Aloud Bulletin Board
Book Buzz Bulletin Board to post book reviews written by students

Foam Board Students
Made to Display Readers Notebooks

Book Club Wall

Social Issue Unit BB
Character Unit Bulletin Board

Writing Bulletin Board Examples:

Personal Essay Bulletin Board Displaying Entries

Interpretive Essay Unit Bulletin Board Displaying Entries and Mentor Introductions from Students 

Writers Gallery to display students' published writing pieces

Poetry Bulletin Board to display poems written by students according to the strategies they used

Writer's Notebook Bulletin Board displaying entries
Poetry Wall 
Writer's notebook bulletin board 

Nonfiction Read Aloud Chart Examples: 

Reading Workshop Chart Examples from Mini-lessons:

Writing Workshop Chart Examples from Mini-lessons: 


  1. I rediscovered your blog this evening after reading it often my first year of teaching. Your charts are helpful and motivating for me in planning!

  2. Your charts truly are helpful! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Best tips on the thematic of writing you can find here