Monday, June 18, 2012

It's Monday! What are You Reading? Graphic Novels

This summer, my goal is to read a book a day - thank you Donalyn Miller for encouraging all of us to set this goal for ourselves through the Book-a-Day challenge!  One of the books I read this weekend is a book I normally wouldn't pick up on my own, but after many great reviews from John Schu on Twitter and his blog, I had to buy it and I'm so happy I did.  Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute by Jarrett Krosoczka is a graphic novel and the first book in a series.  I loved the humor, characters, surprises, and illustrations in this story.  Students in the middle grades will love to read this book and I can't wait to buy more books in the series and create a basket of them in my classroom library over the summer ready for September.  If you haven't checked out the Lunch Lady graphic novel series yet, check it out this summer.

After reading great reviews about the Babymouse graphic novel series, by Jennifer Holm and Matt Holm, on Twitter and in blog posts, I had to read and purchase some of the books. Again, I am so glad I did.  I bought about six of them during our last couple weeks of school and the students devoured them!  I had to wait until this weekend, when school ended for the students, to read one because I couldn't get my hands on them in the classroom as they rotated through students.  I love how each book in the series focuses on a different interest and therefore will pique a variety of students' interest - cupcakes, dragon slayers, halloween costumes, the beach, skating, musicals, science, and the list goes on.  Boys and girls in my classroom all fell in love with Babymouse and even voted it as the Best Graphic Novel series for our Classroom Book Awards.

Thank you Colby Sharp, John Schu, and Donalyn Miller for talking about these graphic novels on Twitter during #Titletalk and on your blogs.  Thank you Jarrett Krosoczka, Jennifer Holm, and Matt Holm for bringing the Lunch Lady and Babymouse into all of our reading lives!

Happy Reading! 

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  1. These are two of the most popular series in my fifth grade classroom. Both are well below our reading level but kids are addicted to them. My favorite was some boys in one of my classes started reading Babymouse after watching the video of Colby Sharp standing on desks shouting, "Read men read Babymouse." That series spread like wildfire after that. ;)