Monday, June 11, 2012

It's Monday! What are You Reading? Lone Bean and The Templeton Twins

Last Wednesday, I was in my glory at BEA (Book Expo of America) in NYC surrounded by new and upcoming books!  This was my second time going to BEA and I will continue to go each year.  The Javitts Center is filled with high levels of energy and excitement for books!  It is a great opportunity to meet authors, learn about new books being released, get books signed by authors, and be around thousands of people that share a passion for books and reading. 
One of the best parts of the day is coming home from the conference to unload all the new books and lay them out to make my new TBR piles. 

Two of the many books I read this weekend are:

Lone Bean by Chudney Ross is a perfect book for middle grades and kids will fall in love with Bean!  Bean is a spunky third grader that will remind readers of Ramona, Clementine, and Marty.  I hope that Lone Bean is the first of many books that will be written about Bean!  In this story, she is just starting third grade and her best friend has become best friends with someone else over the summer.  The lonely lunches and recesses get old fast so she begins to befriend the class bully, Tanisha to have someone to play with.  As you can probably expect, Tanisha ends up causing Bean to get into trouble and is not a true friend.  Without giving away too much of the story, Bean ends up being faced with decisions and situations that real third graders and kids in the middle grades find themselves in at school. 

Lone Bean will be published on June 26th and I encourage you to pick it up at the library or book store over the summer to read and enjoy!  If you teach in the middle grades, this book is a must for your classroom library!  Kids will definitely be able to relate to Bean!

Templeton Twins by Ellis Weiner will make you laugh, especially while the narrator talks to and interacts with the reader during the prologue and throughout the story. This is another great book for middle grades and it is the first book in a series - yay!

Without giving too much away, the Templeton twins live with their father and their mother has passed away.  The father is a professor at a college and is also an inventor.  When the father decides to move and work at a different school, the adventure begins...and the twins are kidnapped.  While they are kidnapped they use their cryptic skills to help them solve some mysteries, save themselves, and reunite with their father.  Read to find out more about the clever twins and their adventures! Templeton Twins will be published in September :)

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Happy Reading! :)


  1. Why did I not know of sounds fabulous! I love the sound of these two books you shared.

  2. Lone Bean sounds like a great MG. Glad you got to go to BEA! How exciting. I won a copy of the Templeton Twins via Armchair BEA, and I look forward to reading that soon. Happy reading!

  3. It would be amazing to be able to go to BEA some day! It's definitely at a tricky time of year because of the end of the school year. I can only imagine the ARCs!!!! I've added both of these books to my TBR. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Katherine just posted about the Templeton Twins also - very excited to read it! Lone Bean sounds like a great addition for my readers that need a little more support.