Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday is App Day! Goodreads

In May, I wrote a post about the BookCrawler App and received some questions from colleagues about whether or not it "talked" to Goodreads.  Yes, the two apps do "talk" to one another without having to load books you have read or want to read into both apps. If you have the Book Crawler app, just click on the tab labeled "Community" and click on the green icon on the top of the screen.  Then you will be given the option to sync it to your Goodreads account. You will be able to either download your books from Goodreads to Book Crawler or vice versa.

If you have a Goodreads account already to log your books read and create lists of book you want to read, definitely download the free Goodreads app for your iPad/iPhone.  If you don't have a Goodreads account, I highly recommend that you create one as soon as you can because it is so helpful and all free.
Through Goodreads, you are able to create as many bookshelves as you would like to display and organize the books you have read, are currently reading, and want to read.  You can also give the books a rating, make a comment, add the date you read the book, and read reviews about the book by other readers.  Goodreads also provides you with all of the publication information for each book, a descriptive summary, author information, and a list of other books the author has written.  If this all isn't enough, Goodreads also lets you see what your friends are reading, their bookshelves, and their ratings/comments.  Goodreads is a great way to log books, organize your reading life, and share your reading life with others.

This upcoming school year, I would love to find a way to have students log their own reading in a similar way to Goodreads.  To create a Goodreads account, you need to have an email account, so this makes it tricky because it wouldn't be a viable option for all students.  If anyone has used Goodreads or something similar online, as a way to have kids keep purposeful logs of their reading lives, I'd love to hear how you used it!

Happy Reading! :)

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