Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursday is App Day! Pocket

Many may say I'm addicted to reading blogs on my Flipboard and tweets on Twitter...and I proudly say they are correct because it is the best professional development I have ever received. I can get this PD daily, right at my fingertips, and it is all free.  My online PLN through blogs and Twitter has made the biggest impact on my teaching and reflective practices as an educator and I know it will continue to help me grow as a teacher and learner.

Since there are so many thoughtful posts that I come across on my Flipboard and Twitter that I either don't have time to read right then and there or want to keep and reread, I was so happy to find the Pocket App for the iPad/iPhone.

Pocket is a free app and it was previously called "Read it Later", but has been renamed and updated.  It allows you to literally "read the post later" by saving the posts, articles, videos, and images into your Pocket  - I love the play on words with the title!  To save it to your Pocket, you click the arrow on the bottom or top of the post, which gives you the options of: Share Link, Email Link, Read Later, or View on Web.  When you choose "Read it Later", it will automatically save to your Pocket.

To access all of your saved posts/articles, just click on the Pocket icon on your iPad/iPhone and you will see all the content you have saved in your Pocket. While in Pocket, you can search by Title, create Tags, mark Favorites, and choose viewing options. You can also share the content in your Pocket via Twitter, Evernote, Email, and more.  Your saved content will stay in your Pocket until you decide to remove it by clicking the check mark to check it off and out of your Pocket.

If you haven't downloaded or used this free app yet, I encourage you to do it soon since it will help you organize your online reading and learning!  If you have used it, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the app!


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  1. Melanie--Thanks for this tip--this is fabulous. I only have WiFi on my iPad, so it's nice to know I can read something later if I'm without WiFi at the time. Also, wanted to send you this link for Planbook for the IPad since you thought it wasn't out yet:

    Jeff Hellman, the creator of the online version, says he's working out some of the kinks so that it will have as many great features as the online version. I have mine set up for next year so we'll see! Enjoy your summer.

    --Heather Donlon