Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday is App Day- Evernote

One of the apps/programs that I have been using on a daily basis in order to organize my life and remember what I need to do is Evernote.  The more that I use it, the more I am addicted to it. Evernote is classified as a productivity app and it offers several features that I use in order to make note-taking and record keeping easier. For example, I can record and take pictures within the program. Just today, I took a picture of a whiteboard that I wanted to remember and put it into the notes that I was taking during a meeting. One of the teachers I met with today shared that she likes to record students as they read and we agreed that Evernote would be a great way to document and record progress.

I can access Evernote through an app on my iPad, as well as through the internet via All of my information is password protected so I can access it through any device that has internet access. I find moving files and creating new notebooks to be easier from my desktop, although I use my iPad to create new notes several times a day. I have customized notebooks for the different parts of my life. For example, I have a folder for my meetings with my supervisor and I can keep track of all that I need to do for her. Last night, we were tweeting about how some teachers are using Evernote for record-keeping and conferring, creating notebooks for each student; they are finding this to be really effective.

Evernote clipper, which is a feature of Evernote that I installed on my computer's toolbar, lets me copy an Internet page and "file" it within that folder. If I come across a post or an article that relates to conferring, I clip it and select my conferring notebook for storing it. I'm finding this to be so much easier than printing and filing or bookmarking pages!

I am beginning to explore the Evernote trunk and would love to hear about how others are syncing areas of their Evernote lives. This is a free app and website that seems to have endless possibilities!


  1. Evernote is something I really want to use but am overwhelmed by. My goal next week is to begin using it for conference records, fingers crossed!

    1. I'm with Katherine, I gave up on Evernote last year because it felt like I needed several more advanced degrees! But this post gives me new hope, you had me at "as a website". I like the idea of having my stuff accessible from anywhere - I lost my iPad many months ago as with it went tons of notes and files. So I'll give it a second shot (with trepidation I'll be honest), but I will try again with your encouragement).

  2. It's pretty intuitive but like I said in the post, I though it was more intuitive as a website than as an app. The folders were easier for me to set up at Once they are set up, it's great. Let me know how it goes!