Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday is Technology Day

Earlier this month,  I wrote a post about Evernote, one of my would-rather-not-live-without programs these days. I mentioned Evernote Clipper but I am going to say a little more about this feature tonight. If you go to the link,, you will see the tab to install clipper. (Mine says installed since I have already done this.) Here is what you should see:
Once you install this, you will be asked for your user name and password. Once you enter that, the program will install the clipper onto your toolbar and you should see the little elephant head in the dotted square:

Now, the fun begins. While I still do use Pocket for some of the blogs that I come across, the Evernote Clipper allows me to clip posts and file them into specific notebooks. For example, if I come across a post about generating writing topics (thank you Ruth Ayres!, I can clip it and file it into a notebook that I have designated for writer's notebook collecting. That way, when I want to find a post, I have a much easier time finding it! Unfortunately, the links within the clipped blogs do not work with this system. However, I can cut and paste them and return to the site in order to access the link. All in all, this is a free tool that has been incredibly useful to me for saving and organizing the information that I come across on the internet. I'm sure that there are more ways to use the Web Clipper and for those of you who know some, please share! Happy clipping!

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