Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Take-aways from Tony Wagner's Speech at TCRWP

On Saturday, I attended the TCRWP Saturday Reunion and had the honor of listening to Tony Wagner speak during the Keynote.  I have read and loved The Global Achievement Gap and am currently reading his new book, Creating Innovators, so I was thrilled to hear that he was giving the keynote.  If you haven't read The Global Achievement Gap or Creating Innovators, I highly recommend that you add those titles to your TBR stacks! 
Below are some of my take-aways from his speech as well as specific lines/parts that resonated with me.  
Some important thoughts Tony Wagner shared:
  •          Thinking critically is ability to ask really good questions. 
  •          We need to teach and model a deep appreciation of differences and the importance of empathy 

Some skills Tony Wagner refers to as “survival skills” that students need:
  •       to have experiences to collaborate
  •       to learn from influence of peers,
  •       to learn from mistakes instead of being penalized
  •       to know how to write with voice in order to be truly persuasive
  •       to access and analyze information
  •      to be curious and use their imagination 
Some lines/parts of Tony Wagner’s speech that resonated with me:
  •             Hold us accountable for what matters most 
  •             An Innovator is a creative problem solver
  •             Innovation is a team sport so we need accountable team work in our classrooms
  •             Innovation is all about approaching problems from different disciplines 
  •            Classrooms that create innovators are all about creating, not consuming 
  •       Innovation is all about taking risks and making mistakes - can't be an innovator without trial and error    
  •       Some educators rely way too much on extrinsic motivations - need to be intrinsic! 

Happy Innovating! :)

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