Saturday, October 20, 2012

Why I Write- National Day on Writing

National Day on Writing was yesterday and I feel badly that I did not acknowledge it in school. I have to admit that this one really got by my radar and I am marking the beginning of October as a time to pay more attention to it for next year. That way, I might be able to have some extra energy and excitement around writing for National Day on Writing 2013.

Since I am a writing geek, I'm always excited about celebrating writing but Jen at really inspired me to write this post. Jen's post invited everyone to share what we write on twitter. What I write is so connected to why I write that I have taken that liberty with her invitation--I don't think she'll mind. Here goes...

I write because:

  • writing helps me learn and think more deeply about issues and strategies that matter to me.
  • writing helps me remember thoughts, feelings, events, and people that mattered to me at a moment in my life.
  • writing helps me understand myself better.
  • my profession requires reports, reflections, and responses on a daily basis.
  • writing connects me to people in professional and emotional ways.
  • I have felt the compassion and strength of a well-written note and I enjoy paying that forward.
  • when I write fiction, I can change the circumstances and outcomes of situations that I didn't like in real life. (I'm a bit of a control freak.)
  • I can create characters who will solve problems that stump me in my real life.
  • writing leads me to solutions in my own life that I might not have thought of without my imaginary life.
  • I can be in total control of my characters and their decisions, destinies, conversations, and thoughts. I have four daughters so total control in an environment, even my imagined one, has appeal. ( I told you that I'm a control freak...)
  • I worry that my soapbox will break if I keep getting up on it, and writing, especially fiction, seems to be a clever way to deliver messages without threatening the well-being of my fragile soap-box.
  • unlike when I speak, I have the power to change what I am going to say and I only have to commit when I am ready to turn the paper in or push the send button.
  • sometimes messages are easier for people to hear when they can read and re-read them.
  • more people can read my words through the power of technology than will ever be sitting in front of me.
  • I am a teacher and the more I write, the more the people around me write and the more we all write, the better we get at writing.
No doubt I will think of more reasons why I write and I will re-visit this post. I'd love to hear and be inspired by other people's reasons, as well. 

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  1. I write to make sense of the world, to explore ideas, and to play with language.

    I so love learning about teachers who are committed to writing!