Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday is Technology Day! Pinterest

I hesitated to explore Pinterest for various reasons. I didn't understand it. (Disclaimer: I still don't understand parts of it.) I was spending enough time on Flipboard reading posts and twitter feeds. I had a pile of books that I wanted to read. Jessica Johnson, who is one my favorite people to follow, wrote a post about Pinterest over the summer and I put it on my mental to-do list, but I really didn't explore it until a few weeks ago. I waited too long.

As an instructional coach, I am always looking for ideas to share with teachers and there are infinite ideas for sharing on Pinterest. People create "boards" out of pictures or images from the internet and the boards can be of any topic. You can search by topic, by person, or by subject to find pins; one great pin leads to another leads to another leads to a great new blog leads to a great new website. You can find "pinners" who you especially like and follow them.

For me, I have been using it to organize the charts that I create and see so that I can use them as coaching tools. I have started boards for various grades for specific units and genres. While I keep a traditional  paper notebook of charts, Pinterest lets me manage and develop a digital chart collection. I'm trying to manage my Pinterest fetish so for now, I am limiting myself to only literacy boards, but I'm sure that in due time, I will expand my board topics into other areas of my life. If you haven't dabbled in Pinterest, I highly recommend it as a limitless way to find inspiring lessons and ideas for your classrooms and any other aspect of life that you want to explore.

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