Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Our Poetry Celebration and Students' Poetry Books

Last week, we had our class celebration to culminate our poetry unit.  We invited parents and family members to the cafeteria so students could spread out in small groups to share their poetry books with their audience.  During this unit, I always give each student a hard cover poetry book from Bare Books to create their very own poetry book with all the components of a published book: title, title page, dedication, table of contents, poems, illustrations/photos, about the author, and end pages.  The students were so excited to create their very own hard cover poetry book!  Students continued to use Google Drive during our poetry unit to type up their poems, share them, and get feedback just like they have been doing in all of our writing units.  After writing many poems, they began the decision making process of which poems they loved and wanted to publish in their book. Once they selected poems, they decided how to best illustrate the poems with either their own drawings or photos. Then the book-making process began!

Below are examples from some of the students' published poetry books: 
Examples of Poetry Book Covers and Titles
Examples of Back Covers of Poetry Books

Example of Title Page
Example of Table of Contents 

Another Example of Table of Contents





Happy Writing and Celebrating! :)


  1. Melanie, just beautiful. Tell your students congratulations!

  2. We had our students do much the same thing. But yours look so much better.

    Do your kids give lessons?