Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Slice of Life: What happened in Vegas changed my slice

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I had a post all written and ready to go for this morning's SOL call. I wrote it on Sunday night after spending time with one of my college girls. It's light-hearted and funny and when I went to bed last night, I wasn't sure whether to put it up this morning. And this morning, when I woke up, my heart still ached from reading about the events, from reading about the people, who died in Las Vegas. 

My inbox has emails from Nicole Hockley whose son, Dylan, died in his first grade classroom in Sandy Hook Elementary School. And it has an email from Chris Murphy, our Connecticut senator who argues passionately for tighter gun control laws. And I have a text from another one of my daughters wondering what she can do, allowing how upset she is and how she'd like to try to find some sort of job that positions her to do something. And I don't know how to answer her. 

Today, like a moth to the flame, I am sure I will continue to read about the people who died when Stephen Paddock opened fire on them with one of the 23 guns he brought with him to his room on the 23rd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort. I'm not sure why he chose to bring those 23 as opposed to the 19 more guns that remained in his house. I will grieve with their loved ones and I will appreciate the stories of heroism that will emerge and the generous show of humanity that continues to come out of Las Vegas as people donate money, time, food, and blood. 

And in the days to come,  I will continue to wonder out loud and in writing what needs to happen before this country can agree on gun control laws. I believe in the Constitution and in the privileges of the Second Amendment. However, I don't understand, and I don't think anyone will ever convince me, that it should be legal for a single person to own 42 guns. I just don't.

I will save my post about Julia for next week, and I will continue to think about how to answer Clare who wants to do something. Your comments and ideas are welcome. 

Peace to all of you,


  1. Thank you for writing this --it was so much yesterday I could not. As a mom, it was true terrorism. It sent a message that you never know. It does seem that the only logical way to make an impact is gun control. 42 guns? Why? I am with you on no understanding why we cannot prevent that from happening. The stories of the victims are overwhelming -- I too will be processing for some time. I appreciate your post and the space to think and feel with you this morning.

  2. Honestly, one gun is too much. You, at least are represented by a morally right senator. After the slaughter of children I don't hold out much hope that sensible actions to repeal the 2nd amendment will happen.

  3. I need to update the gun count I included in my post about LV. I’m w/ you on the guns. The shooter probably could have put a big dent in his gambling debt by selling those guns.

  4. The loss of life in the US due to gun laws really is unfathomable. I have no wise words, just sharing your questions, outrage, and heartbreak.

  5. Read Clare Landrigan's post today. Each of us doing little things can make a difference in our own communities.

    This country needs to wake-up and fix things. I've been showing up and calling my senators and congressman for months. However, I'm starting to realize that what I need to do is to help work for the candidates who will oppose two out of the three of them in the next election.

  6. Is it Lily Tomlin who said, "I wonder why someone doesn't do something, and then I realized I was someone." In times like this it is hard to know what to do and tempting to keep my head in the sand. Thanks for the gentle nudge to do something.

  7. Did you see Jimmy Kimmel? A man that can cry on national TV turns my heart to mush. His message sounds so reasonable. We fix buildings that catch fire easily. Why can't we fix this? It's a public health and safety issue. I'm so sick over all this that I can't watch it any more. I'm turning to kindness and when voting time comes around, I'll vote with my heart. We can't keep swishing these horrific nightmares under the rug of rights. Whose rights?

  8. So many ordinary people favor rational checks on gun ownership, yet people who could change the laws are too afraid of losing campaign contributions from gun lobby -- plus the Supreme Court's misunderstanding of the Second Amendment. Our founding fathers never imagined individuals owning automatic rifles. If one "anti-gun control" congressperson could be ousted, that might weaken the NRA's insane control. Making phone calls does help.