Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Slice of Life: When work comes home it can sometimes be fun

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Sometimes, we all bring work home. Tonight, I planned a first-grade opinion lesson that I'll teach tomorrow. After dinner, I sat at the kitchen table making a chart and writing a demonstration piece about which of my four unopened toothbrushes I like best. 

"What are you doing?" my husband asked as I studied a toothbrush.
"Figuring out which one I like best and why," I answered. 

On cue, he joined in. I had ranked the blue one last, and he ranked it first.
"Why?" he wanted to know. "The blue one is awesome. Check out the bristles and the handle on it."

"I can't ever have a blue toothbrush because that's all you have, and I don't want to mix them up," I said. 

Julia was home for dinner tonight, and she joined the conversation. Always her father's daughter, she agreed that the blue one is best, and she pointed out some details and features I hadn't noticed.

"Check out the angle," she said. "Some toothbrushes slip and bang your gums, and this one will let you keep a really good grip."

Maybe those first-graders will be as into toothbrushes and their analysis tomorrow morning. 

Happy Writing!


  1. What a cool lesson, even seeing that your husband and daughter saw a different toothbrush to be their favorite in their perspectives will show that your students will have a lot of different opinions too!!

  2. Such fun that your family joined in on the fun! I'm going to take a closer look at my toothbrush tonight!!

  3. Great focus on the importance of persuading/convincing readers! I'm wondering why you chose toothbrushes? Halloween? Dental health connection?