Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Classroom Book Awards

Last week, I read a post by Colby Sharp about Classroom Book Awards on his blog and I loved the idea! It is a perfect way to reflect on all the great books we read and enjoyed during the school year.  At the end of each school year,  I always have students reflect on our class read alouds by choosing which read alouds were their favorite, sparked the best conversations, had the strongest characters, and taught them important life lessons.  However, I never thought about opening the reflection up to include more categories and to give out book awards, which seems more official and exciting for the kids.  So yesterday, I created a nomination form that lists the award categories with a space for students to write down the titles they want to nominate to win the award. 
Nomination Form for Classroom Book Awards
Today I am going to introduce the Classroom Book Awards idea and the nomination form.  First, I will ask students if they want to change or add different award categories to the form to get their input (this form is just a brainstorm and a starting point). Then I am going to have students complete the nomination forms independently before voting.  Once we have identified our winners, students will create an award label for each category that we can place on the winning book covers in our classroom library to make it even more official.  I will keep you posted about the award winners in another post so stay tuned!  Thank you Colby Sharp for sharing this wonderful idea!

Happy Reading! :)

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