Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday is App Day! Dropbox

In addition to being a classroom teacher, I mentor/coach new teachers, write/revise our district reading curriculum, and lead professional development sessions so I depend on my electronic documents and files. Over the years, I used 4 different flashdrives to save and access information at school and home. Each flashdrive was dedicated to a different focus: classroom teaching, district curriculum and professional development, photos, and one for miscellaneous documents. As you can imagine, it was challenging to always make sure I had a flashdrive with me at all times for impromptu meetings and professional development sessions. 

Last year, a colleague introduced me to Dropbox and ever since that day, my electronic life has been so much easier - thank you Bryan!  By using Dropbox, I haven't had to use my flashdrives and I no longer fret about whether or not I have a flashdrive with me to save/access files.  Now I can access any file or document on my school computer, home computer, iPad, and iPhone any time I need it!  I use Dropbox every day and now my "electronic life" is now organized all in one place. 

Dropbox is free and you just need to download it onto the computers you use (work, home) by going to and download the Dropbox app on your iPad/iPhone through itunes. Then you will be all set to save documents, create folders, and access them on any device.  For example, if I am working on a document at school, I save it in my Dropbox folder and then when I get home, I can continue to work on the same document by opening it in my Dropbox folder on my home laptop, iPad, or iPhone - it's amazing and so efficient!  When I am at a meeting and want to share documents with my colleagues, they are just a click away by opening up my Dropbox files on any device or computer.So even if I don't have a personal device with me, I can access my files by logging into my Dropbox account on  The days of feeling regret or a sense of panic that I forgot my flashdrive at home or in my other bag are long gone thanks to the ease of Dropbox.  If you have not downloaded it or used it yet, don't put it off any longer - trust me, you will love it!

Dropbox files on my laptop

Dropbox files on my iPad/iPhone

Enjoy! :)

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