Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday is App Day: AppShopper

I probably don't really want to know how much I have spent on apps over the last year since I first purchased my iPad. (Hard to believe I have only had it for a year!) Therefore, when people around me were talking about how they got apps on sale or even for free, I wanted to know how. Someone mentioned that there are apps that are available for finding bargains.

I have a couple of apps now that let me know about deals but, at this point, AppShopper is the one that I use the most. AppShopper is a free app that sends notifications whenever there are updates or price changes in lists of apps that I have set up for myself. So, when I find an app that I want, particularly an expensive one, I enter it into my wishlist. AppShopper can tell me what the activity has been over the last year as far as price fluctuations which helps me assess the possibility of a future price reduction. If I end up buying it (or getting it for free!!!) then I move it over to my "own it" list. Any future notification I'll receive about it will just have to do with updates.

I'm always interested in deals, so if others out there have suggestions for saving money, please share them.

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