Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Slice 15 of 31-#sol17: What do I make?

This is the 10th year that Two Writing Teachers has hosted the Slice of Life Challenge. Thirty-one days of writing during the month of March, here we go!


This morning, I had the luxury of scrolling through facebook and social media since we have our SECOND snow day in a row that was called the night before. Jimmy Valvano in a famous ESPY speech talks about a great day being when you laugh, think, and cry. Tara Smith's post about Amy Krouse Rosenthal  has me first crying and thinking. 

In the video that Tara shared and I am also sharing--it's 7 minutes, so I understand if you need to watch it later--Amy inspires me to think about what we make in a more figurative that literal way. In the video that is a precursor to this one, her invitation to the park, she makes more literal things like books, beds, messes, and children.  What have I made? Daughters, books, blogs, friends. Promises, pathways, pink hats with ears. I make things happen, I make people happy, I make people sad. I make lists, dinners, smoothies, roasted vegetables, and cookies. Amy and Tara have inspired me to be intentional about what I will make today, to think about putting the word "make" in front of:
  • that phone call
  • up
  • someone's day
  • someone smile
I may make a poem out of what I make today. Maybe that will be tomorrow's post. 

Onward as we slice,


  1. Thank you for this--I am a big fan of AKR and was so sad to learn that she passed away. Your post inspired mine, though I've yet to turn on the volume on my computer to watch "The Beckoning of Lovely"--but I will after my kids have gone to school. You fill your days with good, good things. Hope you have a good day with those good things!

  2. AKR inspires many. I love your list with the word make to start it. Have a lovely snow day.

  3. I used that video clip to launch a PD session today -- we may actually be virtually linked somehow!! I love thinking about the word - make - so powerful and open. I can't wait to read the poem you make! You made me smile and think of a few other ways I can "make" something.