Saturday, March 18, 2017

Slice 18 of 31-#sol18: Eighteen things about me

This is the 10th year that Two Writing Teachers has hosted the Slice of Life Challenge. Thirty-one days of writing during the month of March, here we go!


This post has been on my mind since Lisa began the month with her 31 things. Other slicers have modified it to the number of things per day of our challenge. Therefore, I think I should do it sooner rather than later since the longer I wait, the more things about me I have to write. In no particular order, here come 18 things about me, in a somewhat unplanned order:
  1. Writing about myself like this is hard for me, but my One Little Word for 2017 is brave, so I'm doing it. (That should maybe count as two...)
  2. I have four daughters and for one year, I had four teenagers. My oldest is now closing in on 21. They are different and incredible, and I hope they will stay each other's close confidantes and cheerleaders. 
  3. All four of my daughters have names that are found in Patricia MacLachlan books. I did not do that on purpose, though it might have been subliminal. She is my favorite author. 
  4. I usually don't have the energy to put my clothes away until the weekend, even though I resolve to do this week after week. 
  5. Morning is my favorite time to write. Weekend mornings, before I put those clothes away, with my coffee that my husband, Garth, brings me. 
  6. I was sure I'd be a veterinarian until organic chemistry and genetics did me in. I love teaching, but I wish I hadn't given up. 
  7. I have eight nephews, two brothers, and a husband with two brothers. I'm glad I have the girls. 
  8. At a 40th birthday party (not mine), I told a friend I'd give her eggs after a couple of margaritas. I have genetic twins who are now twelve. I wish I could see them more. 
  9. One of those twins is a boy. Every now and then if someone won't let go of the idea that I have 4 girls because I wanted a boy, I let that little known fact be known. You should see them try to make sense of the situation!
  10. Garth is the nicest person I know. 
  11. I wish I was a nicer person. 
  12. I eat something chocolate every day.
  13. I'd never try to give up coffee. 
  14. Gray hairs have started to show up in my eyebrows and I sometimes pull them out. So far, I have not been impressed that seven grow back when you pull one out. 
  15. I love grammar.
  16. I'm a really bad liar.
  17. Public speaking remains one of my least favorite things to do. It requires a lot of self-talk on my end. 
  18. Did I mention that my OLW for 2017 is brave? It's been a great choice so far!
Happy slicing, commenting, and weekending! 


  1. You might just be my favorite friend ever. I love all the places you go with this list.

  2. I love #15...I am a closet grammar-lover!! Thank you for the insight into yourself! I feel like I know you better!

  3. Loved getting to know you through your list. :) I love that you have priorities. We should all eat chocolate everyday.

  4. How could you be any nicer than giving someone your eggs??? Truly. I love this format and how open you were in it. I love that there was no order. I love how you crafted #8 - it took a few reads to figure it out and #9 was nicely placed to confirm what we thought we figured out in 8. It is great to learn more about you -- very brave. Thank you.

  5. I love your list and learned lots more about you. I would say that giving a friend your eggs is one of the nicest things you could ever do!

  6. "I eat some chocolate every day", and "I love grammar" are the quirky pieces that are fun to share. The donating eggs part - wow! What a blessing you've provided. And, of course, I love how you infused that with humor... Did you ever see that Modern Family episode when Claire tells Mitchell, she'll donate her eggs - after a night of drinking? Selfless and BRAVE!

  7. Sharing bits of ourselves is a brave thing. "I wish I was nicer," surprised me, because you are very nice from the view I have of you through your words. But then when I think about it, I'm sure we all need to be nicer, sometimes. You are a very generous woman. Wow!

  8. Love learning about you this way! Thank you for being so transparent and honest here.

  9. These lists do give us the chance to get to know each other, along with the other slices written day by day in March and week by week throughout the year. Especially when the author shares bravely!

  10. Something chocolate every day - sweet. fascinating list to read. Gad to get to learn about you.

  11. I enjoyed hearing more about you, Melanie. I have a friend from long ago who donated for his sister-in-law. It was an interesting dilemma, but a thoughtful thing, just like yours. And it's pure serendipity to finally have a boy, right? Have a lovely weekend!

  12. I have just started to get some gray hair. I wear it with pride! I like to think of it like earning my stripes, proof that I have been around and through some pretty tough times. My wife, who was getting gray long before me, does not share my enthusiasm.

  13. Wow this list takes us on a brave journey. I felt you were getting a little braver with each number!


  14. Bravely done! You shared some vulnerable moments.

  15. Such a personal and interesting list of things! And good advice to do this type of post sooner rather than later--maybe I'll write nineteen things tomorrow.

  16. Umm, be careful of pulling out the gray hairs... you DO want eyebrows, right? I'd have a problem if I did that!
    Great list!

  17. Melanie - I love this format, and have missed it with others. I may have to try it before the end of the challenge, but you're right - the longer I wait, the more I will have to share about myself. :)
    My favorite fact about you - the not putting clothes away until the weekend. It makes me like you a lot since I am guilty of a similar thing.

  18. Love how your word is inspiring you. I also would never give up coffee! EVER! No one would want me to either. The eyebrow thing, I'm noticing those too but seeing Donna's comment makes me worry a bit, I really do want eyebrows so maybe we need to both embrace it (unless you don't want eyebrows, then pluck away and you can draw on how you feel that day! Eyebrows are so expressive. ;)

  19. What a fun format, Melanie. Organic chemistry would have done me in, too.

  20. Thanks for sharing these things about yourself. I would like to try this myself; I better hurry, or I won't have enough to share!