Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Slice 28 of 31-#sol17: Sometimes you hear an idea that you have to share

This is the 10th year that Two Writing Teachers has hosted the Slice of Life Challenge. Day 28 of this 31 day writing challenge!


Sometimes you hear of a practice that inspires you. Sometimes you hear of a practice you can't wait to share. Sometimes you have a post all set and queued up and ready to publish and something comes along that is better than any of it. 

That happened today. 

I got to attend the New England Secondary School Consortium's conference in Hartford today, and throughout the day, educators from around the country shared presentations, resources, reflections, and instructional practices. While I drove home with swirls of new learning spinning in my head, there's one idea I can't wait to share with my SOL community. 

Ellington Middle School calls it the Pineapple Board. 
A pineapple is a symbol of welcome, and Pineapple Week included upside down cake, Hawaiian pizza, fresh fruit, and a Pineapple Board. From an educational standpoint, the Pineapple Board involves teachers posting on an office whiteboard  the lessons they are excited to teach and open for colleagues to come on in and watch, learn, and reflect.  

Getting out of the silos of our teaching lives is so important to professional growth and student learning. As someone who is in many different classrooms, there are many times I wish others could come in and see the great lessons that are happening. What a brilliant way to help districts know what districts know! Love this!

Happy Slicing!


  1. Well I too may have to try this! The pineapple idea is brilliant!
    thank you for sharing!

  2. I always love ideas that involve teachers getting into one another's rooms. I wish it was more common. If pineapples inspires it, woohoo!

  3. Melanie,
    Because of time issues and supervision, I know of one school who has "video'd" these pineapple lessons and then placed them in a shared google folder so SCHEDULES don't interfere with seeing quality instruction!

  4. Thanks for sharing this! I may bring it to my teachers and see what they think. So much great teaching going on...why not celebrate it!

  5. Yes, a great idea to share! Celebrating what teachers do is beneficial in so many ways.

  6. I love this! "Getting out of the silos" is so important. Thank you for sharing, Melanie!