Thursday, March 9, 2017

Slice 9 of 31-sol#17: An important commercial

This is the 10th year that Two Writing Teachers has hosted the Slice of Life Challenge. Thirty-one days of writing during the month of March, here we go!

My daughter had me watch a commercial tonight. She even gave me the heads up that it was developed by the parents from Sandy Hook. If you haven't seen the commercial about Evan, please take the 2 1/2 minutes to watch it. It's worth it. I'll wait.

Now that you've watched it, I'll tell you that it reminds me of the gorilla on the basketball court. Have you seen it? The one that we miss when we're too busy counting passes.

What else do we miss in life when we are so busy focusing on what seems important or entertaining or, like in the gorilla video,  attending to  the task we've been given? I hope this commercial inspires any of you who watch it to pay attention a little differently, to notice a little more, to widen our intake.

In the meantime, we can't change the laws--at least not yet and not on our own--but we can make a difference.

Happy Slicing,


  1. You waiting for me and now I feel like you need to wait again. So much to process - overwhelmed. I use the gorilla video clip all the time - this one has so many layers. Thank you for sharing - I will widen my intake (love that idea.) Heart is still pounding.

  2. Melanie, Thank you for sharing these videos as they are very powerful. The Evan video actually has me shaken to the core. I now realize I need to be more aware to all that is happening around me.

  3. This video is scary. I was caught.

  4. I totally missed the other student. It reminds me of a video I saw a long time ago - "Cipher in the Snow". I won't forget this one. Thanks for sharing.