Thursday, March 16, 2017

Slice 16 of 31-#sol17: What I make

This is the 10th year that Two Writing Teachers has hosted the Slice of Life Challenge. Thirty-one days of writing during the month of March, here we go!


Yesterday, I wrote about Tara Smith's post about Amy Krouse Rosenthal  , and I spent the day thinking about a poem I could write about what I make. If you watch Amy's beautiful video about making things, you might be inspired, too. 

 I don't do a lot of poetry in my writing practice, so this is brave for me, but that's a good thing since brave is my OLW for 2017.

Things to Make

Make things work, make a list, make a mark, 
make a deal,
Make sunshine, make that call, make up, 
make it real.

Make a change, make way, make a story, 
make dinner,
Make a list, a plan, a pathway, make a day, 
make a winner.

Make a cocktail, a care package, cookies,
Make time.
Make it green, warm, and sunny, make it pretty, 
make it rhyme. 

Make a wish, make a difference, make a promise 
or path.
Make someone listen or smile or think
or laugh.

Make banana bread, salad, cookies, 
 a letter,
Make the most, make it ours, make it last, 
make things better.

Make meals, dates, and gardens
Make memories, make friends.
Make the most, make mistakes,
Make good, make amends.



  1. I loved reading this poem early in my morning. I am now determined to make the most of my day.

  2. I woke up this morning thinking about what I make. I loved Holly Mueller's Animoto video. Did you see it? Now this poem is a great idea too. I am impressed you made it rhyme. The rhythm is great, too. Reading it aloud, the repeated word makes a powerful beat. Great job!

  3. The rhythm of this poem is really vibrant. Got me up and moving this Thursday morning, and the messages I got (and will continue to get) are powerful. I admire your bravery!

  4. This exemplifies one of the reasons I love poetry so much...simple words and structure can convey such complex and intimate ideas. Brilliant. The SOL has given me so many ideas for poetic structures. I'm saving this one, too. Thanks, Melanie!

  5. You should make poetry more often.

  6. Melanie, I hope you're proud of yourself! This is such an awesome idea, and you "made the most of it." From one novice poet to another-- way to go. Glad you tried this out!

  7. Wow! If we all spent making the types of things in your wonderful poem, what a wonderful world it would be!! Love that you went brave and wrote the poetry. This certainly honors the spirit of Amy. Beautiful!

  8. this is beautiful....and so so true....I often wonder what would happen if for just a day we all make good..

  9. Loved it!! It was interesting to think about your other slices as I read. I wondered if some were for your daughters, some for you , some for work, some as a daughter -- it really shows all the ways we choose to make things in the world. It had such a great beat and pace - make a plan to write poetry again!

  10. I was thinking about Amy as I wrote my poem last night, too. She was (is) such an inspiration. I love your poem and all the love and goodness it holds. Well done, Melanie! Will you be at TC on Saturday?