Thursday, March 28, 2013

March Madness Book Edition: Final Four and Final Two!

This month, my class is participating in our very own March Madness Book Edition!  Click here to read the posts about how this idea came to action in our classroom and how we got started.  

Yesterday, we narrowed down the books down to our Final Four and then we narrowed it down to our Final Two today!  One of my students made the ballots on Google Drive and printed out copies for each student to vote by circling their favorite book within each pair.  He also included each title's seed number next to it.  Yesterday, I tallied up all the votes and officially announced the titles in our Final Four and then I announced the Final Two today!  Below is our March Madness bulletin board with our brackets that we keep adding to after each voting round.  

The books in our Final Four were...


The books in our Final Two are (drum roll).... 

Stay tuned! :)


  1. Oh my! One I've read (Murphys) and one I'm about to read (False Prince). Who knows what will happen, I guess Melanie knows!

  2. My kids said yesterday that they have no idea who they are going to vote for because they love both books in the Final Two - it is so hard to pick only one! They had a real tough time narrowing down from the Final Four to the Final Two - we actually had to vote a couple times and change up one of the brackets because we kept getting ties!