Monday, March 18, 2013

March Madness Book Edition: Our Sweet Sixteen!

This month, my class is participating in our very own March Madness Book Edition!  Click here to read the posts about how this idea came to action in our classroom and how we got started.  

Today, we narrowed down our 32 books to our Sweet Sixteen!  One of my students made a ballot on Google Drive and printed out copies for each student to vote by circling their favorite book within each pair.  He also included each title's seed number (from 1 -8) next to it.  Today, I tallied up all the votes and officially announced the titles in our Sweet Sixteen and added them to our bulletin board.  


On Friday, we will vote for our Elite Eight titles. The students have been using our March Madness Book Edition bulletin board to help them choose books they want to read next so they can vote for them. Students are also rallying behind certain titles and highly recommending them to their classmates so "their" title can keep winning and make it to the next round.  

Stay Tuned! :)


  1. This must be so much fun, Melanie. Exciting to see the titles too!

  2. Melanie, I want to do this! Can you explain the color coding to me on the first chart? Keep sharing, so I can shadow you.

    1. Hi Ramona, the kids are having a blast with it! One of my students came up with the idea to color code the different seeds so the books in the number 1 seed are in one color, books in number 2 seed are in another color, and so on. That way it is a nice visual to see how many of our number 1 seeds get to the finals and if there are any upsets with number 7 or 8 seeds. Hope that helps! I will continue to post updates :)